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Are you traveling to Italy? What better way to spend some quality time with the children, than to arrange for a private, child-centered three-hour tour of one of Italy’s most interesting cities? Imagine your children increasing their awareness of the world with a local English-speaking guide who makes learning fun. Make memories to last a lifetime with the Milan Tour for Kids.

Milan is a solid and imposing city of glass skyscrapers set among some of the world’s most interesting and treasured historic sights. Its squares and green spaces add to its allure as a wonderful city for walking. Your children will be delighted with a visit to the medieval Piazza Mercanti, or Merchants’ Square. In the Loggia, you’ll discover an intriguing way to whisper secrets to one another. Across the way is the Gothic Duomo, with its façade of pink marble and a history that dates to 1386. In this ancient cathedral are intricate passageways. If only the walls could talk . . .

Your children will see original masterpieces by famed Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, known for his intriguing secret codes and symbols. You’ll visit the world-renowned Piazza della Scala and an 1872 monument commemorating the beloved artist.


Milan is the contemporary capital of the Lombardy region, and a world-class financial center and fashion seat. You and your children will enjoy a true metropolitan adventure steeped in a rich and varied culture. With narrative games, clues and trivia, your children will delight in exploring the city with you and their friendly guide, to find significant details and points of interest along the way. Prizes increase the fun, and every child is a winner.


I wish I had done this on my first, rather than my last, day in Milan as Katia pointed out many places I'd like to return.

The Milan Tour for Kids includes the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a four-story double shopping arcade dating to 1861. Learn about its architecture and interesting history, while you browse the specialty boutiques for designer labels.

Sightseeing can be overwhelming for children when it involves waiting in boring lines to see places and artifacts they don’t understand. With our tours, your children are the center of activity. With privileged, reserved admission to historic sites, there’s no boredom and fidgeting in long lines. Interactive visual learning tools, pop-up books, iPad games and trivia introduce children to Italy’s treasures. Tailored learning materials help children to use their imaginations and participate enthusiastically.


Our customized tours are fun outdoor adventures. Dress comfortably, wear your hats and carry water bottles for an enjoyable outing. Each tour is rich in art, culture and history. Your child will enjoy a feast for the senses as he takes in new colors, sights and sounds. Diversity is the spice of life, and your child will gain real world experience that will benefit him in school and in life. When you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll find ample restaurants near our tour destinations for comfortable dining.

To book this original and unique Milan Tour for Kids, please contact us for information and reservations at You must accompany your children at all times.